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About Us
The Mission at LUHAD is to aid homeless and other disadvantaged families in obtaining and receiving assistance, education, training, financial stability, self reliance, a place to call home, and to better their future and help ensure success.
Mark A. Petrie Lisa A. Bellecci
Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating Officer
Larry E. Petrie Philip V. Spinelli
Chief Financial Officer Volunteer Director
Andy Bickham
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This letter is in regards to the thoughfulness, love and care for another person’s well being that LUHAD has provided me. My name is Philip Vincent am writing this letter for Lisa and Mark they have helped me out in the year of my accident and took me in, which they did not have to do. They helped pay my rent for a while until I got on my feet with SSI they took care of me, fed me, clothed me, took me to the doctor’s, anything I needed to help me out greatly and if it wasn’t for people like them I don’t know where I would be in there should be more people in this world like them. They now have helped me out again were due to another injury I find myself in another financial situation in which they have now provided for me a home that is shared with a few families. I have quickly grown close to these people(like family) and I know and can tell that thanks to LUHAD every one of us is in a much better situation than we were in, and a much better situation than some would’ve ended up in without the care and support that they have given. I am aware of the tremendous burden that is put on LUHAD as anorginaztion and as people to try to provide such homes for those who would be without. And though it appears that helping out these families have led them to a dire situations themselves these wonderful people and their family and their organization continue to give and give and give all that they have to help make the days of these children and their mothers better as long as it may can. They have now opened up a few doors for me so that I can help them, help others and the feelings of gratification are addicting (I will be a volunteer for a period of one year at which time they hope to put me in a paid position for management care and transportation of those who need them There cannot be many more that are willing to do what Lisa and Mark and the others have done for myself and others, or there would not be so many people in this world going without. I ask of you to help do what you can to let these very special people help out many other special people.

 With my greatest respects,

 Philip V.


LUHAD has helped more than 47 families get back on their feet (200+ people to date) and have helped some to help them purchase their first home.

We have had a 94% success rate in removing the Families from inevitable faliure to evident accomplishment.


My name is Betty and I am writing this letter in response to a request from Mark and Lisa from LUHAD, who have helped me out tremendously in a time of need. Mark, Lisa and their organization have provided me and my daughter shelter, food friendship guidance, put me in contact with resources, help watch my girl when needed. All of this has given me the opportunity to get off my feet and rolling in the right direction after being left without a home due to a situation and circumstances way beyond my control. Mark and Lisa moved me into a beautiful house across the street from their own home. They allowed my child to feel as though she has became a part of a much bigger family They continue to offer me support and have now offered a units of my own to allow me to continue to move my family in a upward and positive direction. Mark and Lisa have provided all of this and more at the fee that is way below what it would’ve cost me for an empty room in a much shadier part of town. I cannot say enough for the hospitality and fortune that they have given me and others. I know that times are not the best for them right now but they continued to share whatever they have with my daughter and myself. I hope you can help provide for LUHAD to continue to allow other misfortunate families the opportunity to grow, both financially and emotionally. My daughter and myself are so very grateful to Mark and Lisa and LUHAD. I look forward to being able to help their organization out in the future.



I have been living in one of LUHAD’s property. They have provided a place to live for myself, my two daughters, Adreana 2 and Onica 8 months. Mark and Lisa given us a fully furnished room, utilities paid, food, clothes and resources for my children and myself. They have made my children feel as they are apart of their family. My children and I are so happy and glad to have met Mark, Lisa and their four children. There is no way we could have turned back around without all of there help.

Thank you,

 C. F.



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