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Youth Programs
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Feeling the Earth  

Our Feeling the Earth program is the child’s favorite by far and the most down to earth program we have. This program is primarily outdoors and lets the participants express themselves. This involves work in the design, planting and construction of gardens, garden accessories and out buildings. Individuals learn the proper use of tools and get more than just a familiarity with yard accessories. The majority of work is done on site, but has begun to extend into the surrounding neighborhoods and is reaching for the whole community. 

Madness to Money

The Madness to Money program helps our participants in developing the skills needed to help obtain, and stay in, a financially stable position. This program helps them in gaining the ability to strengthen their financial independence as a whole. Through this program our participants learn how to balance their budget and use their assets to work for them. In these turning times we have all felt some strain. We have found that too many have allowed themselves one way or another, to be put in the situation that has created some of our madness out of money. Our new developing program helps individuals learn the skills and abilities to help assist and others in working with money. We currently have one local bank manager and two well seasoned mortgage brokers working to help the individuals expand their financial knowledge. We are working with a financial institution in furthering support. Some families need help in establishing both a savings account, as well as a “credit building” account.

Building it Up

Build It Up, is a project that we are enjoying very much in getting “off the ground.” Building off of our Feeling the Earth program, the first construction projects work in the areas of tool sheds and storage garages. In this program participants learn all about construction, from the ground up. When available, construction will start from anew. The participants are taught to read blue prints, assist in layout, begin, construct, and finish the building project completely.
We are currently working on finishing the construction on at one location and are now beginning planning construction at a another location, with additional properties in the planning stage. Our three-year goal of this program is starting construction on our first “participants” built facility. We have found two locations that owners are interested in contributing the acreage needed to start this project. We also are in discussion with several trades that have shown interest in assisting us in further developing a program.

Financial Stability Programs
Depending on areas of interest in all participants receive a well-rounded financial development plan. Some individuals focus on accounting and budgeting, while other individuals grow with their abilities in cost analyzing and estimating. Development in these areas, help individuals, not only in securing economic well-being, but also in excelling in one of several highly desired trades of the future. Individuals learn a wide variety of skills not just to help them obtain a job, but to help ensure that they sustain a job that will provide them a strong and secure career. Our members learn the scopes of various trades as well as supporting resources. Individuals who find a trade of desire, will move forward with focus on that trade. At the least, there are always more opportunities to those who show particular knowledge desired areas. We are an organization that is finding support all around us. LUHAD is in the hopes that this organization and our programs will continue to be able to Grow, Blossom, and Build Money for many more.
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